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One Step Further - EP  - Released May 15th, 2010


One Step Further

   It all started in the spring of 2009. Acoustic guitar playing singer-songwriter Ryan Pasakinskas, from Gardner, MA placed a phone call to a slightly more eccentric piano playing singer-songwriter Scott McGrath. The reason for the call was simple; there was a gig. It would be at a local bar in Baldwinville, MA name the Red Onion. Ryan had been there a few times that winter and the owner had offered him a gig on an upcoming weekend.

   Like many singer-songwriters Ryan was perfectly capable of taking his guitar there and playing a perfectly appealing solo set for several hours, but for some reason at that time and at that place he wanted a band. Furthermore, he had already received interest from two other guitarists about supporting him at the gig. One was an acquaintance from his former band, Matt Tencati, and the other was singer-songwriting peer Kevin Shields (also an excellent cover musician). Three guitarists made an odd line-up, so a call was placed to Scott. It was late March and Scott was outside with his friend and fellow Templeton, MA resident, Adam Morin. Scott was undoubtedly babbling on about his plans to grow European wine grapes in Northern MA, and Adam was delivering a bottle of wine as a gift, when Ryan’s name appeared on the cell phone screen. There was a gig. It was in a few weeks. It was at the Red Onion. Of course Scott wanted in and Adam would join in too on bass guitar.

   To finish off the equation the band needed a drummer. It turned out that Matt new of one near his home in Worcester, MA. Ryan drove to his apartment a week later to see what this drummer, Jay Anderson, was all about. He was good, really good. His drumming was creative, and unique, and his upbeat personality made him a great fit.

   Shortly after, the group met in Scott’s basement for the first time. It was evident that there was one guitar too many and the band had to make a tough choice in sticking with Matt on guitar instead of Kevin. At the time, Kevin had commitments with a successful band Almost Heroes. The group met two more times, quickly nailing down 10 songs and playing the Red Onion gig successfully.

   A little more than a month later, with a few more gigs scheduled for the upcoming months, the band brought in talented tenor saxophone player, Rob Thompson. He lived in Gardner, not far from Ryan. He had an excellent ear and great instincts to counter his relative rawness. His addition completed the band. There were a lot of elements, but the chemistry worked.

   That summer was a growing period for the band. Their song list grew from 10 to over 20 original songs. It now incorporated songs not only written by Ryan, but songs written by Scott, Rob and the entire group. After July 2009, Matt Tencati parted ways with the band. The group took a month off to focus on recording some self made demos. Rob expanded his role by picking up duties on hand percussion and vocals. With the help of Jay, by September, they recruited a new lead guitarist from Worcester named Tim Gruntman. Tim’s guitar style contrasted with the former style matt had played in the fact that it was jazz based.

   That Fall the band honed their newer material and worked on improving on-stage communication by playing monthly gigs at local venues. In early December they began the process of recording four songs professionally in the studio with Tim acting as producer. In the months that followed, the recording sessions would reach their conclusion. It was decided that 6 additional live tracks would be grouped with the studio effort and released as a self titled disc.

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