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Chet Williamson - Chromology Released July 27, 2009

Chet Williamson


Altimeter Records

Chromology? It's the study of the chromatic harmonica – endangered species of the 21st century -- kept alive by such practitioners as Chet Williamson. When it comes to the “tin sandwich,” the album deals in the general and specific. It is both an overview of the sounds that came before it and a personal account of the people, musicians and other harpists who have inspired and influenced Williamson over his more than 40 years of playing.

Because of the personal connection and tribute to other artists, this all-original-compositions-concept, resonates with both originality and familiarity. From the opening track that finds Williamson dancing over the hip jazz changes, to the closing number that shows his churchy-side, here is a player that possesses an effortless mastery of his horn.

Throughout the disc, each composition reveals Williamson's melodic and harmonic intensity, rhythmic subtlety and dynamic sensitivity. Whether he is soft-shoeing through a blues such as “Reggie's Kitty Kat,” blazing through a bebop number like “Blues in Red's Flat,” or raking the emotional catharsis of “Recovery,” Williamson, holds nothing back. He explores the scope of emotional range  – as his hero Toots Thielemans would say, “from a smile to a tear.”

Supported with immense empathy by pianist Dick Odgren, the album holds up as a complete project. Odgren, no stranger to the national jazz scene, having recorded with Mike and Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell, and Rufus Reid, is the perfect foil for Williamson's vision. 

Being Altimeter Records debut release, Chromology establishes the label as a creative outlet for New England jazz.  Fusing technology with artistry, label owner Tim Gruntman serves as both producer and engineer. As a working musician and audiophile, he harnesses this unique blend of characteristics to contribute to the success of the Williamson-Odgren sonic fingerprint. 

Chromology is available through Amazon and iTunes.

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